Corporate Yoga

Corporate and Boardroom Yoga

– (Full sessions or during meeting breaks)

Did you know
For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, studies show that a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Centre)

Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many work days as employees who report a low degree of stress. (Conference Board of Canada)


For Businesses:

    Increased productivity
    Decreased health care premiums
    Reduced staff turnover
    Reduced employee absenteeism
    Higher job satisfaction among employees
    More respect for senior management of companies
    More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company

For Employees:

    Reduces stress & anxiety
    Increased energy and decreased fatigue
    Improved memory, focus and concentration
    Stronger muscles and increased flexibility
    Improved posture
    Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases
    Improve self esteem, relieve minor depression, boost one’s immune system
    Greater stamina

It is recommended that you practice yoga at least twice a week, but even once a week will have noticeable results.

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