Count On Yoga: 38 Ways Yoga Keeps You Fit

Are you looking for reasons to start practicing? Here are ways yoga improves your health—reasons enough to roll out the mat and get started. By Timothy McCall, M.D. Flex Time 1 Improved flexibility is one of the first and… Read More

Inspirational Quotes

“The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.“ – Shirley MacLaine

Are you stressed? Yoga can help.


Take a Stress Test Make a fist and squeeze it tight. Keep squeezing—as hard as you can—while you count to 10. What happened to your breath while you did this? Most people find that they completely stop breathing,… Read More

I Am Peace With What Is ….

I wish I could write you and tell you that all of life is going to be great. It’s all going to be happy and positive. But that isn’t how life works. Before you think I’m going down… Read More